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Retro Peppermint Toner/Cleanser

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This lotion is a treatment toner that normalises oil secretions, refines pores and balances the pH of the skin with peppermint and lavender water. It leaves the skin feeling very moisturised without any troubles. Great for every skin type but particulary good for senstive skin, spots or acne, and rosacea.
Suitable for all skin types, particularly good for soothing irritated, acne prone, rosacea, blemished or sensitive skins.
It can be used to cleanse skin on its own or it can be used after a cleansing cream for a deeper cleanse. You can apply onto dry cotton wool whereas usually, toners will dampen cotton wool, these dry cotton wool. With this lotion you do not need to use water on your skin, this replaces water. Also has a great moisturising action.
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