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How to Grow Strong Nails

How To Grow Strong Nails

Our hands can tell a great deal of how we're feeling and what we're thinking. Business deals are lost and won on how confident a person is appearing. When your hands are looking beautiful your jesters become more attractive, when you know your nails are either bitten or split you constantly want to hide them.

Here Are A Few Tips

Firstly carry a black soft file in your bag or car, the gold coloured files are too rough and cause more splitting. Never file nails when wet.

Contrary to popular belief nails can become stronger by cutting or trimming little bits off the edge like trimming your hair it gives a thicker edge which stops breakage's.

Some people do suit wearing polish all the time because they take more care not to knock their nails. Also if they pay for a manicure people tend to be more careful to keep them looking their best. Wearing rubber gloves is a must.

Over the years of looking after people's nails, dehydration was their biggest problem. You can check if yours are dehydrated because ridges appear, they look dull and when you press the tip there's no flexibility. The major cause of this is fast drying polishes and top coats. I'm not advocating never using these, sometimes you don't have the time to wait for them to dry, but be aware time will have to be spent later in repairing the damage. Almond oil and phenol oil bought from the chemist will help to moisturise your nails. Nailtiques formula 2 applied every day under and over polish works to stop breakages on nails. This product has sold out before it comes into the salon. Heavens Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream creates long strong nails by adding flexibility and stays moisturising the hands and nails and it will carry on working even after your hands have been in water, sold in most top beauty spas or by mail order.

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