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Foot Care

The next time you have a sharp pain in your foot, take notice. It's your body telling you something's wrong. If you have a headache you can feel it on your big toe and if the pains in your head are connected with your sinuses the pains will radiate to the little toes. The cause of the headache can be found if you listen to your feet. I've had an annoying headache for 2 days but my signals are showing little uncomfortable feeling under the base of my toes and an achy feeling when I bend them, also the front of my ankle where the groin lymphatic nodes are situated. This shows me I'm not drinking enough water and it's causing my body to dehydrate giving me a headache, so my cure is not paracetamol but loads and water that will clean out my lymphatic system and stop any pains. If you have a pain under your big toe at the base, this is your neck if you stretch this you will send signals to your neck and help to stop tension in the neck or even sometimes this area can be massage allot when the neck is to painful to touch. Don't let hard skin build on your feet as it's showing a problem but as it builds up it can stop the area healing.

A Reflex Pedicure may help or book a reflexology treatment to give you a boost.

Swollen Feet or fluid Retention.

When the weather is warm and humid there are probably hundreds of women out there with swollen ankles and painful feet. Any time you are on your feet for a great length of time you probably don't notice them increasing in size, but they do but if you move around a lot your lymphatic flow works better so they don't get as big. If squeezing into tiny shoes to go out for an evening not to mention the increased amounts of alcohol that may be drunk, half way through the night you will look down at your feet and they've become tree trunks. What you do when you get home is straight away is soak your feet in peppermint essential oil and cool water, and massage your legs with a menthol or eucalyptus rub in grapeseed oil. This can be done during or after a plane journey. If you have constantly thick ankles or swollen feet, foot circling can be really good if done regularly, point one foot circle forward on the return pull the foot back as you rotate back wards. Lying upside down on a bed with your feet in the air for 10mins a day can really improve stubborn fluid retention. You can do this if you're on a diet too and you'll loose 5lb in a month from this alone or you could have a lymph drain massage this helps fluid retention and it feels really relaxing too. Remember to loose fluid you have to drink water regularly.

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