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Doctor's Referral

The first time a doctor referred a patient to our salon, Heaven Health Spa, it was to help her face as she had suffered from a stroke. All her left side had little feeling and her face was dropped so we used a treatment called Caci which is well known for its ability to give beauty customers a non surgical face lift and remove the odd wrinkle too. The treatment was done at two-day intervals and we immediately saw an improvement. Now after eight treatments her face actually looks better than before. A customer suffering from Bells palsy, a condition where the nerves in the face are paralysed, has also made a complete recovery by using a mixture of Caci and LIA Therapy, a treatment especially good for puffiness under the eyes and lifting and toning facial contours. It also gives the body a helping hand by allowing healing energy to pass through the therapist to the customer.

Danny Minogue, her sister Kylie Minogue, Katie Price (Jordan). Are just a few of the celebrity favourites of Heaven Lia.

High blood pressure is a major problem which can, if not treated lead to heart attacks so our aromatherapy massages using plenty of Chamomile work along side the drugs to help bring down blood pressure but we will only work on blood disorders with the permission of a doctor. The essential oil, Rosemary, can actually help low blood pressure patients but could probably be fatal if used on high blood pressure sufferers.

Excessive hair growth is another area where patients are referred, its cause is usually a change in hormones and the treatment is simple and now completely painless and effective. A fine needle is used to travel down the open hair follicle to shut off the blood supply to the hair by means of galvanic and a mild warmth to activate it so that the hair slides away. All areas of the body can be treated but its usually chin and upper lip which are referred.

People who have scars on their faces due to car accidents or acne scaring come to Heaven to have a treatment called Exfolience. Aluminium oxide crystals are forced onto the skin with air and take the layers of skin away gently to smooth the scar. A course of treatments are required but after the first one the skin is smoother. A customer was sent to us from a doctor to have exfolience because she had brown pigment on her face due to using the pill although I got this pigmentation after my first child. Exfolience was very effective on her and customers like her. They're very pleased because unlike laser you can go into the sun after.

Another medical problem, which has been successfully treated, is sciatica. A customer had a pain travelling down her left leg so she went to her doctor who helped her greatly and asked us if she could have a treatment to improve her further. The treatment we used is Transion, which is usually for giving people tummy tucks by toning and shrinking muscles. In this case it toned the muscles in her back which gave her extra support and she had a slimmer figure too.

Oedema is a serious condition suffered by many women and fewer men. It can be quite a problem because long-term drug use to stabilise the water can eventually lead to more problems. Lymph Drain Massage has been very effective for this condition, one lady who came to us was passing out at work and she actually came for slimming but this treatment also helped her oedema condition and was much better immediately and she stopped passing out.

The biggest number of referrals we get is for people with alopecia where eyebrows are missing and I permanently recreate new ones. We also apply a lash line of colour to hide eyelash loss; all with permanent make up.

The list of treatments are endless and we and other beauty salons can offer help from depression to IBS but if a doctor has not referred you we always have to consult them first.

Some of the above treatments are available on the NHS (UK Only).

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