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Coughs, Colds & Flu

A natural cure on your dinner plate - Colds

Isn't it amazing how mother nature has a cure for almost anything if only we new what they all were, she sometimes gives us clues like planting dock leaves by stinging nettles.

A customer had a wart right on the end of her nose, she booked into a private doctor to have it removed, the waiting list was only about three weeks. In the meantime she decided to try a natural cure, the inside furry skin of a broad bean, she applied this every day for a couple of weeks and very soon it started to disappear, by the time her appointment was due it had completely gone. This can work but it must be applied regularly. Green broad beans are the best to use but if not in season the little French ones would probably work on little growths.

A natural cure - for athletes

Athletes foot is a contagious fungus infection, characterised by first itching which quickly turns to little blisters, then can become quite nasty scabs. The cause is, the body becomes more toxic and the sweat becomes more juicy to the little micro organisms that cause this fungus style problem. Men usually suffer more than women because they sweat more. Drinking lots of water to flush out the lymphatic system helps to dilute the toxins in the body. A natural cure is to apply the skin of a banana to the feet every day for at least three days. The enzymes in the skin eat the fungus and bacteria growth which causes athletes foot and the water will stop toxins building up in your system so hopefully it should not return. My after sports wash is a brilliant healer and prevention too due to the organic lemon grass, which eats the microbes which cause the athletes foot also jock strap rash , which again is the same athletes fungus, some people think it's their shorts rubbing but know it's definitely not. After Sports Body Wash is also a great deodoriser for men and women they love the fresh wake up feeling.

A natural cure - for dry coughs

My next cure is for dry coughs, drink a tablespoon of olive oil and raspberry vinegar for a couple of days this will loosen the chest and ease the symptoms. If a little baby is finding it difficult to breathe through feeling chesty, rub a clove of garlic on their foot and they will be much happier. To keep cold germs away cut up an onion put it in a bowl of water in a room with a lot of people in and all the germs smoke or fumes will all go into the onion, dispose of this very carefully without touching the water or onion. No one will catch a cold in that room!

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