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Breast Implants

You're never happy with what you have!! Some people think their breasts are too small and some too large. How much this effects your life, if they could be changed by a magic wand to become perfect, can matter so much to some women that every thing else in their life would fall into place.

There are some choices to be made with implants. Saline implants were thought to be very safe if they were to leak into the body but these can cause a bacterial growth, which can be more than just unpleasant. Fairly new on the market is the solid silicon, which is said to be unable to leak into the body. It is the most expensive and also looks and feels the most natural. In my opinion it's worth having the best and waiting to afford the extra couple of hundred pounds to put safety first. The operation itself is not very painful, it requires an overnight stay in hospital and you can actually go back to work in a week or less depending on how you cope with anaesthetics. Don't go too big and take proper advice or ask a close friend or two what would really suit you but at the end of the day it's what you want that counts.

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