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Flu and cold remedies

It's said that 40% of the population has had the flu and there's more to come, our family haven't escaped it either, we've found it of great relief to ease the symptoms and stop the speed of the vicious bugs by these few tips.

Burn lots of lemon essential oils or you can leave a half cut lemon in a bowl of boiled water to clean the air in the room of the patient and add a little lemon or lemon grass essential oil to the washing up water for disinfecting eating utensils. When the patient first gets the flu massage either their chest, back or hands, if they are in to much discomfort for any other area, with an oil mix of, Ginger ( to help open the lungs to breath easier). Lemon (to help fever and to build white blood cells to fight the virus). Basil ( to help stop stomach cramps) mix in grape seed oil to help hasten the removal of poisons from the lymphatic system. When the sickness starts to come try to get the patient to drink peppermint tea or give them a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a sugar cube. Lastly a cold compress of lemongrass will help the fever and headaches.

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