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Prism Age Defiance Cream

NEW Prism Age Defiance Cream with Light Technology

How to use

Use day or night after cleansing with either Hydro Cleansing Milk (Oily skin) New Edition Cleansing Cream (normal, dry, anti-ageing). Follow with a Bee Venom Mask.

New ground-breaking Prism Technology

• On contact with any light source including, UVA, UVB, Infrared & VIS (Mobiles, tablets &
computers) it boosts skins natural collagen by a poly peptide production in the skin tissue
on contact with light source
• It helps to protect against sun damage
• Protects against skin DNA damage but is not an spf - it does this by making skin produce it's
own anti-ageing sun care.
An anti-ageing moisturiser that helps clear spots and prevent further break outs.
Light and non-greasy
Super anti-ageing
7 day repair
Balances your skin
Will help to reduce scar information
Will help keep your skin looking young by plumping out fine lines and wrinkles
Keeps water within your skin
Ideal as a base for make-up
Good for sensitive skin types
Works like fillers, but all over
Helps Rosacea
Sun damage
Loss of elasticity

Bee defiant: If your skin defines your age, let's defy the signs of ageing.

NOW With NEW ground-breaking Prism Light Defiance Technology
You wanted sun protection, you've got a whole lot more!

Prism Age Defiance Cream is an revolutionary anti-ageing moisturiser that on contact with
any light source generates smoother, tighter skin actually reversing the signs of damage & ageing
from sunlight, light and pollutants. a natural sun care boosts collagen on exposure to UVA, UVB
and Infrared light. protects you from visible light from mobile phones, tablets and computers.

All spectrums of light will activate the peptide in Prism age defiance cream to produce collagen in your skin tissues.

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