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Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream


Herb: Organic Vanilla and Coconut
Vitamins: E
Other: Sand

How to use

Apply in the morning.


  • Stops dry hands
  • Leaves velvet soft
  • When used first in morning, it protects all day even when wet or from washing hands regularly
  • Stops red hands
  • Can be used on extra dry skin even on your face
  • Vanilla and Coconut stops you feeling hungry
  • Use as a minute manicure - Apply /soak/ push back cuticles
  • Apply to feet before bed and feel how luxurious your bed feels
  • Stays on your hands for 4 hours even when in water
  • Helps strengthen nails
  • Improves flexibility
  • Intense moisturising treatment
  • Gets rid of dry patches
  • Helps dry and hard cuticles
  • A mini manicure or pedicure in a pot

Hands look even colour as they are conditioned more. No reapplying every few minutes.

Skin type: All skin types. Dry and normal

Why would you want to buy this?; It is so important to use a paraben free hand care, your hands are touching your face daily, it is more important to use organic and excellent quality.

Contra-indications; There are no known contraindications.

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