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Gel Magnet

This magnet need to be used in conjunction with the Cat's Eye's Nail Gel.
The purpose to bring out the pigmentation to create the line
Nailed It….. Heaven Gel Polish
Long lasting, no chipping and strengthening
Being a little bored of the existing colour availability, and the chipping and nail damage that occurs with gel nail polish, Deborah created the Heaven Gel Polish to work with her Bee-Sting Manicure & Pedicure treatment.
“With so many consumers becoming conscious of ingredients and their impact, both on health and the environment, we do what we, at Heaven, do best and find a solution,” explained Deborah.
Great Nails Starts with Great Nail Care
The Heaven Gel Polish are curable with UV & LED, in just 30 seconds, and the non-wipe topcoat cures in 9 seconds!
There is no chipping or peeling so the Heaven Gel Polish lasts longer than standard gel polishes.
And because its Deborah, and Heaven, the polishes contain a unique hydration system to deliver nourishment to the nails to heal any problems, so everyone can have beautiful nails that last.
With a range of 60 stunningly beautiful colours Deborah has created a shade or every occasion!