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Bringing Joy to the Skin Bee Spotless

Bringing Joy to the Skin Bee Spotless
For when you have normal skin, but want it to be exceptional.
Have a colourful Christmas with this Limited Edition Bee Spotless Kit, formulated for Acne skin but also all skin types.
Acne is a horrible word, when you suffer from it.
Spots are painful, skin can even be dry around the pimples then on any day it can get so oily with blackheads too. This was my skin type & I still have an odd scare to show, these will help your skin and hopefully you won’t have any scars and you will bee spotless.

Included in the kit:

• 15ml Silver Bee Venom Mask
• 45ml Cleanse & Foam Wash
• 15ml WillowBee® Mask & Cleanse
• 10ml Clarifying Oil Serum
• 15ml BeePeel®
• 15ml Age Defiance Cream
• 10ml Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel
• 10ml Youthful Moisturiser
• 10ml Hydro Cleansing Milk



Step 1: Cleanse: Tissue off or wash off with water. Cleanse & Foam & WillowBee® need to be washed off with water. (Hydro Cleansing Milk, Cleanse & Foam, WillowBee® Mask & Cleanse)

Step 2: Exfoliate: Wash off with water. (BeePeel®)

Step 3: Treatment: Add oil to dampened skin. Option: Massage. Clarifying Oil Serum)

Step 4: Refine: Apply with fingertips or cotton-wool & remove. Can leave on around the eyes. (Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel)

Step 5: Moisturise: Apply after Hydrogel. Option: Add a drop of serum for extra intensity. (Age Defiance Cream, Youthful Moisturiser)

Step 6: Intensive Moisturise & Line Relaxant: Apply and leave on top, or use on it’s own & replace Step 5. (Silver Bee Venom Mask)

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